Experience English Day


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7 March 2020 ~ schedule

At the end of the day I was thinking in English. It was great fluency practice and I have a new understanding of British culture!
Marmite – you either love it or hate it!



7 September 2019 ~ schedule

A great way to experience English!


15 June 2019 ~ schedule

Participant Comments:

It was a SMASHING day!

It was great to get to know British culture better by first doing the cooking, and then eating the British specialities that we had prepared!

I like the way that the activities of the whole day were linked by the one topic: opposites.

There was such a wonderful variety: , crossword, bingo, online game, cooking, walking, art …


16 March 2019 ~ schedule

Participant comments:

Experience English Days are a great way to get talking and improve Small Talk skills, and cooking British dishes is like being in England! The variety made the day fly past and focussing on one topic – opposites – was a great way to structure the day.

Time ran so fast – that’s always a good sign. It was great that we didn’t sit still long, that there were lots of activities like cooking and art.

I need time to start thinking in English and so an Experience English Day is perfect for that. The art session was really motivating. I was surprised by my creativity.

There was a really friendly atmosphere and the day has motivated me to learn more vocabulary. I’d be happy to repeat such a day.

It was an exciting day, but it showed me all the vocabulary I still have to learn. I’m looking forward to attending another Experience English Day.

I felt at home in the group and loved the combination of just talking, cooking together, and doing language activities.

The size of the group was just right and it was fun to interact with friendly people in English. I liked the mixture of activities and the opportunity to do some art. This was not my last Experience English Day!


8 September 2018


26 May 2018

Participant comments:

I enjoyed this day! Thank you so much.
The variety was super: cooking, walking, doing art
It was a fun day – there was no pressure like in school.
A great chance to speak English in a friendly atmosphere.
I especially liked cooking with the group and eating British specialities.


22 April 2017