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KAHOOT! of the Month

KAHOOT! games are a fun-based learning platform

Click on the link which will take you straight to the KAHOOT or go to the KAHOOT app on your phone and enter the PIN.


Game PIN 01730109
Game PIN 06044685
Beginners: was or were

Game PIN: 07664382

For EFL classes: November pub quiz

Game PIN: 06564427






Websites that are good for your personal English training:

British Council (podcasts, videos, grammar and vocab – it’s all there)

Information and quiz on comma usage B1+ level

eflnet – a great website to practice vocab and grammar

Simple English Videos with Vicki Hollett

Business Spotlight

For news: BBC

An easier version: BBC Learning English

For interesting talks and lectures: TED


For a list of further English teachers located all over Germany, please go to: