Experience English Week

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10 – 17 July 2020 cancelled

Spend a week on the coast of Wales in a delightful house with a group of 10 people speaking English. Improve your English naturally whilst holidaying and having fun. Walk along the coast path, visit local sights, relax on the beach or play golf and experience Great Britain live.

There will be at least two native speakers in the group.

There are two double rooms for couples and three rooms with twin beds.

Seaview Cottage is a luxury five star cottage overlooking the sea. Here is the link to the house: http://www.coastalcottage-pembrokeshire.co.uk

July 2019

Comments from the 2019 group:

Anthea: It was a wonderful, stimulating, relaxing, and thoroughly enjoyable week near the amazing west wales coastline and I made some great new friends.

Astrid: I spent a wonderful week in a very nice cottage and in spectacular countryside. The group of initial strangers quickly became friends and got along really well with each other and will stay friends for ever!

Martina: I was in Wales for the second time with “weather fairy” Suzanne, who ordered great weather. The walking spirit was great, past the sheep, cows and horses but no people. We walked up the stairs from hell to heaven and it was as if we were alone in the world.

Jörg and Petra: We were 10 strangers thrown together for an experience. We were all different, but everyone was friendly and willing to speak English and experience Wales. We had a great time cooking together in the spacious kitchen. And everyone helped tidy up and wash up. I will miss the good conversations at the long table in the kitchen, sitting there with excellent wine, food and candles. The walks were enjoyable and the dolphins great.

Antonia and Uwe: Kann jedem empfehlen, diese Erfahrung zu machen. Wir hatten eine wunderschöne Woche und konnten viel lernen und haben einmalige Eindrücke gesammelt. Keiner muss Berührungsängste haben wegen der Sprache. Suzanne macht es einem sehr leicht zu lernen.

Else: Es ist ein perfekter Rahmen um zusammen ins Englisch einzutauchen. Wohlfühloase in wunderschöner Landschaft, sich frei und entspannt in die Kultur einzufinden. A perfect setting for immersing yourself in English.

Norbert: „Dwi yn cerdded yn yr awyr agored“ That’s Welsh for: “I’m walking in the open air.“ Unser Angel-Ausflug nach Mwnt war wegen der Klippen abenteuerlich und sportlich herausfordernd. Delfine grüßten, Fische aber ließen sich leider nicht blicken!

June 2014

Comments from the 2014 group:
It was an amazing time: the group was great, house and scenery wonderful and I was thinking in English at the end of the week.

I really enjoyed the week. It was my first holiday where I completely stopped thinking about my job because listening, speaking and thinking in English totally confiscated my brain.

An unforgettable experience, one I would gladly repeat.